Journey: The Burning and the Blueprint

January 10, 2021
Burning it down.

The question that I’m Journeying on today is asking for guidance in leading the Bridge Alliance Coalition of organizations, through this current moment of social change and subsequent social upheaval. 

  • What is my role? 
  • How can I advise our Coalition in their roles and be supportive? 

I call energy that is helpful to step forward and all energy that is not helpful in answering this question to please leave the space. Thank you.

I pulled two cards for this reading today. The first card is The Arrow the second card is The Coyote. And we begin.

Eagle Man Guide greets me by the tree and we quickly walk through the tree, straight into the middle world. I see people in mourning at The Capitol of the United States. Their heads bowed, grieving for the loss of innocence. Then we are whisked away to the Statue of Liberty, who is kneeling, in a position of sublimation. Rather than holding (bearing) the torch high, as she normally does.

We go to a mountaintop. As far as I can see, looking out over the horizon there is smoke arising from the landscape below. It is the burning in the purification (and transmutation) of what was. The burning away of what was and preparation for the sensemaking for what we will become. The fires are not out-of-control, but it is the conscious destruction of what was. We zoom into one of these areas to see the fire, more closely. The old is being burned. And I see people frantic in their bucket brigades trying to put out the fire. The firefighters and other First Responders are trying to kind of hold them (the bucket brigade) back, saying, “no we need to burn this down. It’s too late for this structure as it was created to stand. 

Beyond the fire and the bucket brigade and the fire department, are a group of people feverishly working over some blueprints. They are talking to each other and collaborating and laughing about should we include this or should we how would we do this. They are talking about the construction of our new society as if it were a physical building.

I hear them talking about the foundation. It needs to be really strong, as if the foundation has the essence of dignity, mixed into it like an ingredient to the concrete. It is being laid down as the foundation and dignity is a primary ingredient to give it strength. As we look up at the next level of structure, the word justice is just ringing in my mind. I’m hearing that for the structure itself to have integrity must include Justice. And I’m reminded of the Martin Luther King Jr. quote, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards Justice.”  

The message that I’m getting from Eagle Man Guide is that this is our latest bend towards Justice. 

I ask about the role that I have in this architecture discussion in the building of the new society and I am given to understand that dignity and justice are my banners to carry. They are my reminders to uphold in every interaction.  I ask about the warriors who you are trying to keep things the way they made it. 

He responds, “That is not your work. There is plenty of work to be done, to hold them accountable. That is the work of the Justice Warriors. Your work is more towards the narrative in opening the hearts for people who supported the president, but are also appalled by the events at The Capitol. My work is to be open-hearted with them and to help their hearts open as well. 

I’ve been given to understand that there is a list of grievances from Trump supporters that needs to be heard in an honorable fashion, not in a dismissive fashion. There are grievances to be heard, just as the grievances of the communities of color are being heard. We have a long list of grievances, so perhaps a new Declaration of In(ter)dependence is needed, upon which our New Foundation or social foundation will be based. This is a reference to the Declaration of Independence, which beyond the opening inspirational paragraph, was a list of grievances. Grievances can be transmuted. I’m taking these words in. 

I ask what about this coalition? And my visual is taken immediately to looking at the blueprints themselves and looking around at those around the table, at the architects and general contractors who are talking about the building. 

Eagle Man Guide tells me, “Your job right now is to help them design the plan and build it. You have everything you need.” He tells me to sit just a moment to take that in. I ask if this is related to the sense making, the work that I’m currently attracted to. He gives me a big thumbs up. Yes that is exactly what this is. “Sensemaking collectively and also working with those who are systems thinkers and diversifying that group so that we can be informed by those who feel aggrieved towards the current and dying social structure.” 

In my heart, I feel gratitude for this challenge of being at the intersection of both the conservative ideology and the people of color. These two sets of grievances are not as diametrically opposed as we are given to believe. Eagle Man Guide embraces me. I’m just taking in that hug right now. 

He whisks us away back up to the mountaintop. I can see that the smoke that was filling the air from thousands of fires around, is beginning to clear and people are taking the blueprints that we’ve created and adapting and modeling using them as a kind of a template. A template for how they will rebuild their own community. 

I’m receiving a more nuanced download that the blueprints that we are creating are actually a societal agreement template, that is a new thought form. This will be a spiral fractal of democracy as our next iteration. The foundation must include dignity upon which a structure of justice can sustain itself as we continue to grow. 

I asked if there’s anything else and he turns me around and sends me back through the tree and says no but go look up those cards. It’s important. I say thank you and I’m going to look up the cards now. 

The Arrow

The Essence:  Receiving this symbol reminds you that when you are in alignment with your heart and soul, you are on target and will soon be hitting your mark. Be true to your calling, release attachments, and free yourself from the bondage of unbridled ambition. Now is revealed to be a moment of contact in which your intention meets the material world. The Arrow also symbolizes the need to set your creativity free.

The Invitation:  When the Arrow zings through the air, it is inviting you to pay attention and signifying that you are about to make your mark in some aspect of your life. It illuminates the moment of contact when you know that your desires and intentions have traveled on the wind and landed in the perfect place for your highest good. Trust that your job is to be related yet focused, keeping your eye on the prize yet releasing your intention with full expectation that it will land as it is supposed to. Don’t worry about the “how” or the exact form. This is not a time to interfere with the manner in which the arrow flies. It will make its mark, and you will have cause to celebrate!

The Medicine:  This is a time to admit that by continuing on the path you are on, you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Could it be that you have become so attached to winning this game that you have missed the true mark? What if your arrow was never meant to land where you wanted it? Now is the time to regroup and ask yourself if what you desire is really worth your energy. This is a sign that something better is waiting. Consider the wisdom in not getting what you want. Suffer in this case is a pathway to heal the parts of you that feel unworthy, the parts that worry there isn’t enough. Make peace with those voices. What is truly yours will be waiting for you. 

The Coyote

The Essence: The Coyote is the symbol of the sacred trickster, the one who provides detours for growth and understanding by ensuring that things don’t go as planned. The Coyote brings the energy of divine deception to set you free from the shackles of that which doesn’t serve you. Sometimes it appears that you will get everything you want, only to find that Coyote brings you the opposite of what you hoped for. The lessons offered by Coyote may at first appear confusing, but they are most sacred and always for your highest good.

The Invitation: If Coyote calls to you, this is a time to pay special attention to detours and disappointment, as they are true tests of faith. You have set your intentions and turned them over to the Great Spirit, yet you may find yourself lost and confused when it appears you are being led off course, off the path leading to your most cherished dreams and desires. Remember this: Coyote is a sacred trickster and may be leading you into challenges to ensure that you are ready to handle what you’ve set in motion. Great growth and understanding come to you when Coyote calls your name.

The Medicine:  Are you being seduced by what you think you desire? Could it be that the more superficial, sparkly, shiny aspects of your ambitions led you in this moment? Perhaps you feel that in order to get what you desire, you have to compromise yourself, control others, or manipulate situations to ensure your goal is met? Coyote howls in the shadows remind you that this may be a lesson too painful to learn. Beware the shallow waters right now. Something or someone might pretend to be deep, but that doesn’t make them so, no matter how secutive their superficial traits and how beautiful or sparkly they may appear. All that glitters there will not turn up gold, no matter how many wishes you make to change the world.