Journey: The two faces of Mara

October 9, 2023

Mara has two faces. One is a beautiful, seductive, sensual face. The other face appears demonic, fierce and full of desire. These are aspects of desire within the two faces of Mara. 

Seductress Mara shares a story about a journey along a road. The road is filled with luxury, accommodations and hedonistic activities. All pleasurable things that are easy to accept and receive. As I begin to desire that path, The Demon Mara takes over and hustles me down a side alley. The alley is “gritty” like a city with dirty streets; it is filled with homeless people and tents. It is a harder road. 

As I walk amongst the endless people in need, I feel aversion. I want to run away. I think about Mother Theresa and her work in Calcutta and how she loved everyone, especially the untouchables. In a world where needs lie unmet, hope is dangerous. The people who are homeless are also hopeless. 

I ask Demon Mara to share insights with me about the value of this dark road. I see a light shine from her heart that becomes a light mist, like a liquid fine gold tulle (netting). It winds its way around and through the encampment, enveloping all of us with a sense of universal love. It is a caring that eases suffering. There is something about sharing love and knowing we are loved and loving others that is answers our high call to service. 

I feel a channel open within me that taps into this source of unlimited love. I hear a message from my heart – when I desire the dark path as much as I desire the path of light, then healing is possible for all. When I am neutral to the circumstance and desire whatever is before me, I am healed. I see value in all aspects of Mara.

On the far side of the encampment, we arrive at a vast desert; mostly sand with a few scrubby bushes. This desert is the open place, a palette or crucible from which new life can spring. While it appears barren, it is full of life waiting to be noticed and nurtured. As I gaze at the desert landscape, I am joined by others, some carrying buckets of water.

Together, we begin building sand castles in this desert. We are working with what we have. Starting from where we are, we are always creating our future; no matter which road or path we are on. 

Chaos is heavy on my mind as violence increases around the world; our orderly system of what was, continues to degrade. We are dissolving that which is no longer serving. I look at the desert, this palette of possibility. I find peace, community, creativity, sensuality, laughter, sustenance. It is all right here. It’s already here, in front of us.