Journey: The Campfire Council

February 14, 2023
Campfire in the desert

Today’s intention is to find clarity about the path to let go of, and which path to choose for the benefit of democratic practice and values in the United States, filtering out to around the world. 

As I enter the vision on the high plains, I’m riding a horse at full gallop towards Eagle Man Guide. As I arrive at the tree, I quickly dismount and we move at a hastened pace into the tree and down to the underworld. I’m feeling a little breathless, as if urgency is up right now. There is a great sense of urgency. 

As we reach the underworld, there is a campfire. Around the campfire are seated Hecate, Thumper, and a couple of folks I don’t know yet. I ask for introductions. First is Klonik, next to him is Thor. Two very strong, masculine energy forces, along with Eagle Man Guide, Hecate, Thumper and Sitri. It has the feel of a war council, as if they are planning protection of the flanks and strategy to beat back the forces of darkness that threaten to overwhelm us right now, in the physical plane. 

Hecate is the leader here. She is receiving reports from Klonik and Thor, about the work they are doing in the world. 

Thor shares about the disruption of narratives; especially the agitation in the field as the narrative of the white Christian nationalist groups goes into decline. There is a wavering in the hypnotic trance that has enthralled people; increased openings for defections from that belief system. Hecate expresses concern about how those who defect will be treated amongst and by those who subscribe to the other warring narrative. She looks for ideas on how we can heal that division; provide honor and dignity for everyone, as we anticipate this mass defection. 

She turns next to Klonik, who is the master protector, ‘don’t fuck with me’ bodyguard. People don’t mess with him. Hecate asks for his report. Klonik has been tasked with protecting the communities who are most marginalized in our society. His report is that there is a mix of agitators and patience within this community. The agitators are small in number. Those with patience are holding the agitators with a nurturing love — as personified by the mother of Tyre Nichols. Peaceful pushing and continued pressurized resistance is in charge of this body of energy. The agitation is subsumed by the larger whole. 

Hecate nods, pleased with that report. There is still concern about Thor’s report predicting mass defections from the white Christian nation narrative. While these reports are delivered, I’ve been standing aside. Now Hecate focuses her gaze on me. 

I point to an unhealthy system for funding, as it exists in the United States today. How very few people, likely less than 50, are in charge of deciding how those of us on the ground, who are creating a new story for America are resourced or not resourced. She takes a scythe to that belief system — of the abdication of power. She cuts off that plant of thought within me and the larger society. It is time for a new seed of thought – a seed that roots deeply within my heart. I am enough. I have enough. The work is the work.

I feel a sense of liberation in my heart. I know that I am unbound by the traditions of the “the person with the gold rules.” 

I am free to make my own choices and do what is best. 

Hecate lets me know there are more ways our collective goals can be accomplished. “For instance, if the database idea you are putting forth, but not widely received or accepted, to stop coalition building and turn my attention to becoming a seed planter.” I know exactly what she means. 

Sitri offers her report. She continues to assist us to soften our hearts and keep them warm towards one another. This body of work is growing and in my mind, I see Kristin and Pearce, who are great representatives of our work. This work is about to flourish.

Thumper brings his report that artists of the world are looking for an avenue, perhaps coordinating on their own, outside of our view, ways to protect and strengthen democracy. I ask if that is part of the two narrative frame, or creating a new narrative; a third way. A little of both, he responds. I ask if there is any way to support this “third way” narrative that we’re talking about. He lets me know the time for it will come, but it’s not here yet. 

Eagle Man Guide gestures that it’s time to go. I rise, thanking everyone present for the time and energy.  I am returned.