Politics and Mysticism

May you find exactly what you need
as we co-create our future.

Politics has always been about the game of power; the winner of the game is given more responsibility for making decisions that impact those around them. When the political power is granted to those with a servant leader mindset, society flourishes. And when political power is granted to ego-driven and self interested people, society suffers.

It can be challenging to see who is serving and who is grifting. Winston Churchill served his nation by asking for sacrifice. Eva Perón in Argentina asked for people to sacrifice and she filled up her bank accounts. Both leaders were beloved by some and hated by others. What we believe about their leadership frames our faith in political leaders.

Many of our beliefs and “gut feelings” are the result of personal and family history, religious dogma, cultural influencers and more. Today, many Americans are lonely; disconnected from each other and from a sense of shared reality. My own heart breaks when I see the suffering around me; the broken relationships over differing beliefs. Yet, my hope in humanity remains. My personal mission to to assist in a shift of collective consciousness to avoid human extinction.

In these times, I don’t need the 24/7 news cycle, the doom scrolling on social media and sense of “I’m not enough” or “I don’t have enough” that our society seems fixated upon. The competition for our collective attention leads to destruction. Instead, I choose to spend time in meditation and reflection. I wonder about the repeating patterns in nature, thinking about our human historical cycles and how we might break free from our current political paradigm to true liberation, as part of the healthy earth-system.

Mysticism is my chosen way to connect to that something bigger than myself — I call it the Divine Spark — and believe that our collective consciousness is the Divine. Some people call the Divine by other names. I recognize them as an expression of the Divine. My spirituality includes two primary practices: meditation and shamanic journeys. Meditation provides me with clarity and grounding; a sense of I am exactly where I need to be. Shamanic journeys provide a story narrative as I tap into the collective consciousness. These two practices guide my service in the world.

I find comfort in my inner work and it informs my work to move us forward to a future where we measure success collectively; where our individual success is celebrated as a contribution towards the whole. Life is not a race to accumulate the most material wealth; it is instead an experience to live into.

Thank you for spending your time. May you find comfort and soul-enrichment here.