Journey: Piercing the Illusion

July 14, 2021

July 14, 2021  

I feel rusty. Protections have been put in place and allies called in. All those who are not helpful please step back. Eagle Man Guide is waiting for me by the tree on the high plain, overlooking the river. We embrace and quickly move into the tree going down into the underworld.  It is dark and there’s a quiet celebration of my return. It’s been nearly six months since I visited here. 

I see Bambi and Thumper of course,  always eager to meet me. Doris comes over and we swiftly hug. And I’m whisked away to The Grotto. Merrilyn is with me, and Sitri, Hecate. The rest of the guides are grouped around, just out of sight in The Grotto. Merrilyn and I dive into the water. We swim through a series of underground caves and emerge into the huge cavern that’s underneath The Capitol of the United States. As I look around this Cavern it reminds me of how it was in 2018. When I visited then, there was a big rock in the center of the cavern. It was actually just over the pool from which we emerged. It appears the rock is covering the pool, but it’s not restricting access. It’s quite illusory. I reach out and touch the rock; my hand goes right through it. This is the bedrock of our nation right now, but the actual power was released out into the communities. I’m curious, and looking around, I ask why this illusion is here. What is the point of it? 

I’m told that there are those who want things to be the way they were and this illusion is providing them comfort. Comfort that things can remain as they were. But of course that’s not true, it’s just an illusion. 

We sit for a few moments in silence. I take something like a hatpin and pierce the illusion in an attempt to help those who are asleep to wake up. I know that some people don’t like to be surprised or have their belief structure taken away. I am wondering what’s next? If they are clinging to this illusion of central control or what things were, what could replace that image? 

I instantly see a mirrored image; an illusion of a tree in place of where the rock was. A tree because it grows and has branches and is more fractal in nature, but this tree is also illusory. It doesn’t exist here in the cavern. It exists everywhere we look. In our communities and in the world around us there are infinite trees that remind us of our roots and the root systems that nourish us. There is a fractal nature within the root system itself. Then we look at the trunk and the branches and then the twigs. This is reminiscent of our human family. We don’t call it a family tree for nothing; with its trunks, branches and twigs as we move farther out.

I’m being told that that tree is a much more holistic image from which to frame our new narrative, our new story. There is an interconnectedness involved. There are different trees within the forest. The healthiest forests are made up of many different trees, each of them having their rich history, their deep root systems, and their multifaceted leaves, shown to the world.

I ask about an essay I’m writing about multiple and competing existential crises, each vying for attention. I’m being told that yes, I’m on the right track, that it is all one big crisis. The crisis of growth and transformation; the uncertainty that has led us to think about what’s dying and subsequently trying to cling (to the past). People are clinging to what is dying, just as the cavern under the capitol has an illusory rock that no longer exists. So too is the old life that we used to have, illusory and gone. It’s not that we cling onto something that’s real. It’s already gone. But we have yet to turn our attention to what’s next, what have we learned, where are we going, who do we want to become? This is where our attention must turn in order for our new world to be realized.

I pause for a moment to take it all in. I ask Merrilyn and the helpers, what would be the human timing on all of this? They wave their hands in a way that says the timing is unimportant. Our  focus, our attention and where we put it, that is what is important. The rest will take care of itself.  

I ask now more specifically around some help for our work, our funding stream. Some physical support for the convergence and confluence of projects we are currently working on.  They promise both to help and get to work right away, so we can feel secure, and from a place of feeling secure we can go forth and really excel in the work that we’re doing.  Especially because of the rapid pace, which is increasing, and recognizing that we’re going to need paid staff, trusted volunteers, funding, visioning and a strategy that builds into itself multiple opportunities from which we can advance the work, in exponential or fractal ways.  

So I hug everyone, thanking them. Thank you so much for being patient with me while I’ve been on vacation from this realm. I exit the cave through the forest and return to my body.